8 Steps To Redesign Your Life

22 Apr 2017 by Lina Jordan in Advice, Dating, Ella, General, Home, Sex

What do you do when your life turns upside down? You suffer a divorce. An infidelity. Your children grow up, and don’t come around much anymore. The economy shifts, and there goes your job. We all experience challenging changes in life. Architect and author Karen Otis did. Several times. Her personal life fell apart when her first husband cheated on her, leading her to fall into a second failed marriage.

Out of that chaos came the realization that simply picking up the pieces and rebuilding her life did not work. Instead, inspired by how she created her architecture, Otis infused the process of reassembling her life with wisdom, vision, and soul. With her life transformed, she wrote a new book to motivate others:Be the Architect of Your Life: Design, Build, and Start Living a Life Inspired.”

Otis’ eight steps – based on the Architectural Method, and thoroughly explained in her new book – have helped empty-nesters, lonely singles, and those caught in midlife crises. She offers these steps:

  1. Make a Site Study of your life, making note of what is “fixed” and cannot be changed, and what seems to be “fixed” but could be changed
  2. Examine your personal history to get ready to build your life inspired
  3. Create a wish list of what you desire in your life
  4. Absorb what you have so far and quiet your mind to hear your intuition
  5. Envision your life that is inspired in your mind
  6. Begin to draw, sketching out your vision
  7. Allow the vision to lead, bringing it into focus, and writing down the details
  8. Definition is in the details, so research exactly what you need to make your vision a realityredesign

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