• Cristiano Ronaldo with ROC Sport Freedom

    CRISTIANO RONALDO Partners with Monster and eBay t ...
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    Global futbol superstar Cristiano Ronaldo announced today that he is a co-founder of a new consumer electronics company called ROC Live Life Loud that will deliver cutting edge lifestyle products to his global fanbase “Everything in my life is about performance and quality,” said Ronaldo. “We launched ROC Live Life Loud to give my fans around the world direct access to high design and the best sound quality on the market.”

    ROC LLL has a joint venture partnership with leading consumer electronics company Monster Products. Monster is designing and manufacturing an exclusive lifestyle electronics collection curated by Ronaldo.

  • Wraith_Music_Front_3Q_STU_EXT_01_v8_R4_CROPPED

    ROLLS-ROYCE Motor Cars Unveils Wraith ‘Inspi ...
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    Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has contributed to the myth and legend of the contemporary music scene since the birth of Rock & Roll. Over half a century later, this long-standing love affair lives on, with some of the world’s most celebrated artists choosing the marque as the ultimate affirmation of their success. In this spirit, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars is delighted to present Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’.

    Wraith Inspired by Music Photo: James Lipman / jameslipman.com

  • ICE CUBE 3

    HOMBRE Exclusive: ICE CUBE Rides Along “Stra ...
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    Artists and trends come and go, but Ice Cube (O’Shea Jackson) remains a significant figure in entertainment since he left gang-infested South Central Los Angeles to launch “the world’s most dangerous group” in 1986. Along with newly minted almost billionaire Dr. Dre, Easy E, MC Ren, and DJ Yella; N.W.A became one of the most influential musical groups in any genre. Such a breakthrough seminal group that its story is chronicled in the new feature film “Straight Outta Compton,” opening August 14.

    ICE CUBE  nwa group

  • after words1

    AFTER WORDS starring Oscar Jaenada and Marcia Gay ...
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    Oscar Jaenada returns to the big screen after last year’s successful turn as ‘Cantinflas.’ The Spanish actor stars in AFTER WORDS, a film produced and directed by Juan Feldman, written by Joel Silverman, and co-starring Marcia Gay Harden.  The films opens on Friday, August 21st at the famed Anthology Film Archives in NYC, and in Los Angeles at the Laemmle Royal, with openings in multiple theatres across North America.

    after words3AFTER WORDS is a romantic adventure focusing on Jane (Harden), a librarian who attempts to escape her mid-life crisis by traveling to Costa Rica. There she meets a younger man named Juan ( Jaenada) who takes her on an unexpected journey filled with adventure and romance.

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    INTENSE Summer With These New Fragrances
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    This Summer there is an influx of “intense” and “extreme” fragrances popping up on the men’s market right now. Hugo Boss Parfums is the latest in releasing it’s newest cologne, BOSS BOTTLED INTENSE, an amplified version of its successful BOSS BOTTLED Fragrance.  With men’s brands releasing more concentrated fragrance iterations and after-dark remixes of tried-and-tested favorites. Below are some of the standout male scents with new Intense versions on the rise.

    boss bottled intense


  • mens hair

    Hot Off The Runway: Men’s Hair Summer Trends ...
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    Summer has come and it’s not just your wardrobe that requires an upgrade, your hair deserves it too. You’re in luck: we’ve definitely entered a beauty man-cipation era, so you have an incredible wealth of styling options at your disposal to renew your look. From the selfie-takers who crowd the web, to the coolest models that populated the recent New York Fashion Week: Men, casual elegance is the direction in which men’s summer 2015 hairstyle trends are going. Below are some tips to try yourself, some smart-sporty looks, with Davines’ styling line par excellence.

    PARTED BUZZ CUT (pictured above)

  • Ryan McGinness Limited Edition Bottle Preview

    HOMBRE First Look: HENNESSY Presents New VS Limite ...
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    The new Hennessy VS bottle design is here. In its continuing legacy of artist-driven collaboration, Hennessy has welcomed Ryan McGinness to design its new Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition. The American artist, revered for his mastery of semiotics, was invited to share his visual expertise. He follows in the prestigious footsteps of previous Hennessy collaborators  Kaws, Futura, Os Gemeos, and Shepard Fairey in creating a new unique label work of art. Be the first to collect your bottle when it becomes available at www.reservebar.com  starting July 16 for pre purchase – before its official release in early August.

  • Joey Holt ameribed COO  for HOMBRE Magazine

    HOMBRE Exclusive: AMERISLEEP.COM – All Sleep ...
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    The most important part of our day is the time spent on sleep. After a good night rest you feel relaxed and ready to face all the challenges the day brings. A key factor for the best sleep is the mattress used. It makes all the difference. Amerisleep.com, has revolutionized the process of buying a mattress, and the mattress itself.

    The company, started by a group of college friends, has perfected the process to order a mattress online. It’s important to evaluate your mattress periodically and if you wake up not well-rested and your mattress looks worn and saggy, it’s time for a new one.

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    ZOOSK Reveals Results of First “State of Hispanic ...
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     Zoosk, the online dating company and #1 grossing dating app, has revealed the results of its first “State of Hispanic Online Dating” survey, an initiative that aims to shed light on dating trends among Hispanic consumers. More than 9,900 consumers, including approximately 850 Hispanic consumers, participated in the survey, which covered various topics including attitudes regarding online dating, communication preferences with potential dates, and moving in with a partner.

    Taboos about online dating are diminishing. According to the study approximately 64% of male and 61% of female Hispanic respondents said they would tell their family and friends they are on a dating site, compared to 73% of males and 79% of females of the general population of both Hispanic and non-Hispanic respondents.

  • Bacardi_Tangerine_1

    BACARDI Introduces Tangarine Flavored Rum to the B ...
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    BACARDÍ Tangerine is the latest addition to the brand’s flavored rum family. In response to consumer’s thirst for Tangerine, BACARDÍ has created the perfect flavor to compliment your summer fun! Tangerine is a BACARDÍ original flavor that’s mixable and versatile.
    bacardi Tango1
    For an easy and refreshing cocktail recipe that’s full of flavor, simply combine BACARDÍ Tangerine and orange juice, then kick back and enjoy the signature BACARDÍ Tango cocktail.

    In addition to BACARDÍ Tangerine, BACARDÍ Limon, BACARDÍ Pineapple, BACARDÍ Coconut, BACARDÍ Mango and BACARDÍ Dragon Berry will also sport the New Pack design starting this summer, designed to ensure the perfect pour.

  • Sauza Environmental Tip, Photo By Michelle Yam1

    Improve Your Online Posts with Tequila Day Cocktai ...
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    Lately it seems anywhere you look, social media is abuzz with artful cocktail photos tagged poolside, at a favorite rooftop happy hour spot, or even kicking off a Friday night at home with friends. That’s because more than half of us (51 percent) admit to sharing photos of our drinks on social media!

    According to a survey conducted by Sauza Tequila:

    We are far more likely to share a cocktail photo to celebrate an occasion (63 percent) than to make others jealous (14 percent)

    ·         However, more than twice as many men as women (20 percent vs. 9 percent) admit their motivation is to evoke envy amongst their friends or followers.

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    NECTAR Sunglasses’ O’Brien Lights Himself On ...
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    Are you ready for the feeling that all things are possible while diving head first into your next adventure?  Nectar Sunglasses are ready to join you in the challenge. The brand is a favorite of risk takers and the free thinkers. Jamie O’Brien may be the ultimate example. Out in the water alone wasn’t enough of a ride, so he lit himself on fire while surfing.


    Whether or not you share the dream of being barreled while doused in flames or simply want to block the sun at your next music festival, Nectar are there.