An understanding Dad, that has been there for you and gives unselfishly deserves the best. And if you’re at a point in life where money is not issue, then this is the time of year to splurge. The options below rank among the best in their categories, but also provide a hint of originality and and an abundance of style.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 11 audi_r8_coupe_4_2_fsi_quattro_

Audi R8 Coupe – starting at $162,900
Sharing more than 50 percent of its parts with the R8 LMS racecar, the all-new Audi R8 is the perfect gift for high-performance dads. Winner of the 2016 World Performance Car award, the Audi R8 was built for speed, boasting a powerful V10 engine, and the looks to match.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 31PicoBrew_PicoPro_Hero_1500x1500_2 (Copy)
Pico Pro, from PicoBrew, is an award-winning beer-brewing appliance that lets anyone brew their own fresh, delicious craft beer. The sleek, compact and modern design fits on a kitchen or bar countertop and makes the whole homebrewing process easier and more precise. Pico Pro can brew five liters of craft beer in about two hours and has a grain-to-glass serving time of just seven to 10 days, depending on the recipe.

With the push of a button, Pico Pro recognizes the PicoPak inserted and follows brewing process instructions transmitted over a home Wi-Fi connection. Beer is transferred to a brewing keg automatically at the end of the brewing cycle – just add yeast, let the beer ferment and then carbonate.  With a wide selection of PicoPaks from breweries across the country to choose from plus the ability to build a custom PicoPak using the online Freestyle tool in the BrewMarketplace,  beer lovers can try a new brew every time or revisit old favorites.  Pico Pro includes the stainless steel brewing appliance, two brewing kegs, a sous-vide adapter, CO2 fast carbonation adapter and party tap for serving.
Available at
As a cheers to dad, from June 4-17, you can save $100 and purchase the Pico Pro for $699.


Montblanc has some exciting launches to celebrate dad. The TimeWalker timepieces and StarWalker writing instrument collections revisit the maison’s heritage of creating expertly precise timepieces for racing at the Minerva Manufacture since 1858.

Montblanc has introduced two new timepieces to its renowned TimeWalker collection.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 26 Montblanc_TimeWalker_Chrono_RG_wrist_1000 (Copy)
The TimeWalker Chronograph Automatic in a trendy, yet classic red gold at $19,500.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 29Montblanc-TimeWalker-ExoTourbillon-Minute-Chronograph-Limited-Edition-100-Watch-2 (Copy)
The TimeWalker ExoTourbillon Minute Chronograph, with a sleek all-black exterior, is limited to 100 pieces. Priced upon request.

Both new TimeWalkers  bring modern style to the chronograph, a revolutionary complication developed by Minerva in 1936 to track time to hundredths of a second.  The two additions to the collection feature sporty designs to represent the spirit of motor racing, such as chronograph counters that are reminiscent of the dashboards of classic racecars and a black calf leather strap with perforation holes in the style of leather driving gloves.

StarWalker Spirit of Racing Doué Fountain Pen - $575

StarWalker Spirit of Racing Doué Fountain Pen – $575

The StarWalker Spirit of Racing collection continues the theme of bringing modern technology to the rich history of car racing.  The collection includes fountain pens, fineliners, and a ballpoint pen spanning from $395 to $1,250.

StarWalker Sprit of Racing Fineliner - $1,000

StarWalker Sprit of Racing Fineliner – $1,000

Design details include a knurling pattern on the barrel mimicking racecar tires and sleek platinum-plated fittings evoking the polished chrome surface of a vintage racecar.


HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 6

For bold Fathers who want “to break the rules in style”, presents premium beach wear with the 209 Mare beach blazer. All 209 Beach Blazers are created with sartorial details including working button cuffs and mother of pearl monogramed buttons.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 5All colours are also limited to each season making it the perfect annual gift.
Available at – $1,250.


HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 31protecting-double-riviere-rose-gold-brown-grey (Copy)

For style conscious Fathers who like to set trends, Anil Arjandas Jewels (anilarjandas.comis bringing a new twist to their brand introducing the spikes and charms bracelets, all in 18k white gold and outstanding sparkling white diamonds.
The Riviere bracelets not only bring exceptional details, but also protection. Made from rubber details it saves your watch and other bracelets from scratches and unwanted damage.

Available at – $7,500.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 13 black-alligator-hat-1 (Copy)

The ultimate luxury accessories for the man who has everything.
Non-traditional items include an alligator baseball caps – $5,000.
HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 34 tennis-racket (Copy)
Tennis racket cover – $14,500.
HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 38wong-duffle (Copy)
Classic offerings like the alligator duffle – $25,000.
HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 23 large-toiletry-front (Copy)
Toiletry case – $6,500.
All available at

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 3 _J.Markell_Bea_6083_grande (Copy)

If your Dad is one that loves luxury and/or considers himself a fashion-forward guy a stingray card holder might be the perfect gift for him.

Part of the J. Markell collection from Chicago designer Julie Neff, each piece is handmade using genuine stingray skin.  These stunning accessories are the perfect way for Dad to compactly carry all his essentials (cash, credit cards and business cards) in style.
Available online at – $175.

SMART LUGGAGEHOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 14 bluesmart_1 (1) (Copy)

Here is a great gift for dads that travel often – for business or pleasure. Bluesmart One bags have an array of features that make traveling more efficient:

  • Battery charger that can power your devices 6x over
  • TSA-approved remote lock
  • Digital scale to check your bag’s weight via your phone
  • Location tracker that can find your bag anywhere in the world (should it unfortunately be lost)HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 15 bluesmart_2 (Copy)

Available at Bluesmart One – $449. – but will be on sale for $314 through Fathers Day

Martone Cycling Bikes:HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 33 sweetzer_mens (Copy)

Sweetzer Diamond Bike in Khaki
The SRAM 2-gear automatic hub requires no gears shifting making this bike the perfect style for a serious biker who is also looking for style. Available in multiple colorways, but shown here a tan and red.

Available at – $1,100.00

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 24m1 (Copy)

Mercer Diamond Bike in Matte Black
Available at– $1,100.


HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 16Crosley Vinyl Rocket Prototype-B (Copy)

This Father’s Day, indulge the music loving father in your life with the Crosley Rocket Vinyl Jukebox.
Many dads already have a record player, but how many can say that they have the world’s only vinyl jukebox? The first to be manufactured in over 25 years, the vinyl jukebox is a full size unit and can hold (and play) 70 45 rpm records.

HOMBRE Magazine Father's Day Gift Guide LUX 17 Crosley Vinyl Rocket Prototype-C (Copy)
With Bluetooth and a remote control, it is the ultimate addition to any vinyl enthusiasts audio cave.
Available at – $12,995.