Sure, Jamaica offers fun in the sun, world class resorts and its sandy white beaches are what dreams are made of. But as we gear up to celebrate Halloween, thrill seeking travelers can also find spooktacular attractions there too. From legendary witches and sunken pirate cities to hidden treasures,  Jamaica offers spine-chilling adventures to explore. For the unafraid, below is a list of spine-tingling haunted island experiences.


The White Witch of Rose Hall, Montego Bay

Hailed by Travel Channel’s Ghost Hunters International show, the historic Rose Hall Great House is steeped in paranormal activity. One of the largest great house plantations in Jamaica, Rose Hall is located in Montego Bay and has become a popular attraction as visitors, intrigued by the history of the island’s great houses, are captivated by the terrifying stories of Annie Palmer, known as “The White Witch of Rose Hall.”

Notorious for witchcraft, her torturous deeds to her slaves (some of whom became her lovers), and to her three husbands, Annie’s spirit is said to reside inside the house. Annie Palmer died in 1831; however, legend has it that she still roams the 200-year-old mansion. Day tours are available, but a candle-lit night tour of the Rose Hall Great House is a must for visitors. Visit for more information.


The Taino Girl of Martha Brae, Falmouth

Bamboo rafting on the Martha Brae River is known to be one of the most tranquil and authentic experiences in Jamaica. Skilled raft captains guide visitors downstream through dense tropical flora. Centuries ago, Spanish treasure hunters were on a quest for gold when they captured the girl to lead them to a gold mine, hidden in a cave along the path of the river.

Pretending to comply, the girl led them to the cave and then suddenly disappeared. The frightened Spaniards attempted to run out of the cave, but were engulfed by the river. Legend has it that the girl, who was said to possess magical powers, had changed the course of the river to conceal the mouth of the cave, where it is believed the gold is hidden to this day. Rafting trips are available daily. Visit for more information.

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The Underwater City of Port Royal, Kingston

Located on the southern coast of Jamaica, Port Royal is the only sunken city in the Western Hemisphere and one of the most infamous and historic pirate towns in the Caribbean. Once known as the “wickedest city in Christendom,” famous swashbuckling scoundrels such as Sir Henry Morgan, Blackbeard Teach and Calico Jack all called Port Royal home.

Just as the town grew to become an important trading post in the New World, a massive earthquake hit in 1692 and consumed two thirds of the town. Unlike most “catastrophic sites,” Port Royal sank into the harbor, remaining perfectly preserved as it was on the day of the earthquake.

Today, Port Royal remains a small coastal fishing village and a valuable archaeological site. Special access from the government is required to dive in the restricted Port Royal ruins area, but many of the items recovered over the years can be seen at the Museums of History and Ethnography at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston. Visitors can also take tours of the various historic sites in Port Royal. Visit for more information.