For the fourth season, AXE, in partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), worked alongside emerging and established designers during the just completed NYFW: Men’s as the event’s official grooming sponsor. As a leader in men’s grooming, the brand is introducing its new technology with functional product benefits, including new anti-marks protection technology to keep white stains off your black shirts and yellow stains off your white shirts protecting guys style from the runway to the streets. We caught up with Latino designers Carlos GarciaVelez and Willy Chavarria after their respective shows for a quick Q&A below:

Throughout the week, AXE provided backstage grooming for the runway models using the antiperspirants and hair styling products, from the Advanced Collection line, at designer presentations including Latino designers: GARCIAVELEZ and Willy Chavarria.


H: What was the difference with this collection compared to other seasons?
Carlos GarciaVelez: We pushed ourselves with this collection to new territories regarding embellishments on our clothes, as well as embroidery. Our rain jackets and wind jackets react to the body, which we have never done. We applied our celebration of geometry with a lot of detail to this collection. I feel that we successfully connected architecture and fashion.

H: How do you feel after your first time showing at NYFW:M?
Willy Chavarria: It’s been an incredible experience to have the support of the CFDA and the support of AXE, having people on board helping us build this message, the flow of everything was so perfect. The show was executed to precision.

H: How does your culture influence your work?
Carlos GarciaVelez: Well, I come from a big family of architects which is part of my inspiration. Mexico has a strong root of architecture from the 50s and 60s and it celebrates a form of modernism that is unique to Mexico because of all the great colors in the cities.

 Willy Chavarria: Usually the clothes I design are inspired by cholo and chicano styling, but also for this line I borrowed from all different oppressed cultures and show the breakthrough in my collection. I tried to represent as many oppressed cultures as I could and symbolize the pride of these people.

H: What would your message be to young Latinos that are starting to pursue their passions and careers?
Carlos GarciaVelez: The world is so fast right now and things may seem very distant, but I think the velocity of time is relative and if you start strong with your passions, even if you see doors close, you should never give up. Your passion should drive you through the times that you feel down.

Willy Chavarria: Do not ever compromise your culture for your own success, utilize your culture to be successful.


You can see below for the hair inspiration for each show:


axe garcia velez1

Garciavelez (photos above)

  1. Start by spritzing damp hair with salt spray.
  2. Diffuse entire head using fingers to scrunch hair and bring out natural texture.
  3. Once dry, add a dime size amount of AXE Natural Look Understated Cream. Work through hair from roots to tips with fingers so hair holds its texture without looking overly
  4. For those with shorter hair, finish the look off by applying a bit of AXE Spiked Up Look Paste to the tips of hair to add definition and a little separation.
    Willy Chavarria Men's Fall 2017

    Willy Chavarria Men’s Fall 2017

Willy Chavarria

  1. Start by applying salt spray to minimize volume.
  2. Diffuse entire head to further shrink hair and help hair maintain tight curls.
  3. Apply a little AXE Clean Cut Look Classic Pomade to tips of hair for a polished, yet defined finish.
  4. If hair still needs a little more shine and separation, add AXE Smooth Look Shine Pomade. This will make hair look rehydrated.