Toward the end of last year, we ran an article about sex tips for the New Year, and general ways to improve your experience in bed. Among them were a number of ideas about finding the right partner, practicing safe sex, etc. But the article also touched on something a lot of people aren’t always comfortable talking about: using toys and tools in the bedroom.

More specifically, the article covered the idea of using a vibrator, with or without a partner, in addition to the importance of figuring out and asking for what you really want in a sexual relationship. But here’s the thing: while a vibrator is probably the most common sex toy out there, and one that can be enjoyed between two people, it’s still thought of mostly as a toy for women. Yet one of the most important things to understand when it comes to topics like these is that men, too, can make use of a lot of sex toys, with or without their partners.

Using Traditional Toys Together

I hesitate to call any toys more “traditional” than others, but by this I mean your standard vibrators and dildos—the toys that first come to mind when you hear the term “sex toy.” As mentioned already, these are toys that many associate exclusively with female use, but which are great for couples who are willing to experiment and work together. Men’s Health has some great tips for how to get into using toys like these together, including the recommendations to use lube, to share toys (assuming health allows for this), and to try certain positions that allow for joint sexual and toy stimulation.

Toys Just For Men

While a lot of the focus regarding men and sex toys tends to be on couples’ play, there are, believe it or not, plenty of sex toys made just for men—and no, that doesn’t just mean men who like vibrators and dildos. Adam & Eve put together a handy list of the types of toys designed primarily (or exclusively) for male pleasure, including various masturbators, cock rings, penis pumps, and even prostate stimulators for those who are so inclined. Much like with couples, the key to enjoying these sorts of toys is openness to experimentation. But considering the options, it’s important for guys to not assume that there aren’t sex toys out there just for them.

The Future Of Sex Toys

When discussing men’s connection to sex toys, it’s also becoming increasingly necessary to look to the future. Why? Because the future is automation, and for some reason this seems to be catering primarily to guys. Artificially intelligent sexbots are on the way, and while there are sure to be male options meant for female use, the initial focus seems to be on creating female dolls. As of now, the most lifelike of these dolls are sophisticated but very expensive. In the near future, though, they’re projected to be so impressive that it’s been suggested they could even be marital aides in struggling relationships! So needless to say, getting comfortable with today’s basic sex toys is child’s play compared to what’s in the works.

Keeping all this in mind, remember the following the next time you look into spicing up your sex life: guys can have toys, too.