The Humpback Whales Have Arrived In Riviera Nayarit

11 Dec 2017 by Francisco Romeo in Escape, General, Home, Hotels, Latin America, Pleasure, Restaurants

Riviera Nayarit once again welcomes the migratory Humpback Whales. Every year, hundreds of whales en route from Alaska to Hawaii spend the winter months, from December through April, in Riviera Nayarit’s Banderas Bay. Visitors will enjoy stunning views of these magnificent creatures swimming and spouting along the warm waters near the coast as mating season begins. These huge mammals leap into the air, butting heads, to attract the females and by March, you will see the baby whales with their mothers, cavorting in the warm sea.

The encounter between these majestic giants is an amazing spectacle for visitors to Riviera Nayarit. Shockingly, the whales perform amazing stunts which can, at times, propel half their 39 to 52 feet long and roughly 30 to 40 ton bodies out of the water! The gestation period for this species is around 11 months and some whales already arrive heavy with calves, seeking shallow, warm water where they can give birth. The same shallow water also makes for the perfect training spot for their young.

riviera nayarit whales2

Humpback calves tend to be very playful and love to leap out of the water, happy to be alive and in the shining sun of Riviera Nayarit. The mother waits until the baby feeds and gains strength to travel before heading back to the frigid north. These friendly animals are a must-see during your visit this winter and are one more example of the matchless nature experiences that the destination has to offer.



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