Irina Summer

Born in Moscow, with all the passion and fire of a Slavic beauty, Russian model Irina Summer is coming on board to impart some knowledge on the male population. If your dream has always been to meet, romance and seduce a Goddess; your fantasy is about to become real. Just follow Irina’s regular column and you’ll be on your way. A little about our new columnist; after graduating with an International Economic Relations Degree in Moscow, Irina arrived in New York where she was quickly discovered by a top modeling agency. She then began a path that combined entertainment success with academic pursuits and spiritual development. In addition to writing, Irina divides her time between Miami and New York, hosting television segments, walking the runways and traveling for international photo shoots. Education and enlightenment continue to play a prominent role, as she devotes a significant amount of her schedule immersed in activities leading to inner growth and personal advancement. Irina now brings that solid background to HOMBRE. Through her pedagogical knowledge, personal experiences, and a series of interviews with prominent psychologists, dating experts, spiritual and wellness leaders, and yes, fellow top models; she will offer relationship advice you can only find here. Her column will inform what you need to be better… a better lover, a better boyfriend, a better husband, and just a better man for the woman you want. From what to say, how to say it, what to do, how to do it; to just plain old suggestions on what to wear on that first date… you’ll find honest proven guidance from Irina and her team. Prepare yourself for a fun, smart column that will greatly impact your success with the woman of your dreams. Follow “How to Meet…Seduce…and Keep the Woman of your Dreams’ every other week on Mondays, only at