HOMBRE Exclusive: HENNESSY Enters Groundbreaking Partnership With Canelo Alvarez And Golden Boy Promotions

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Hennessy continues making major moves to retain its title as the undisputed world’s best-selling cognac. This time the prestigious brand has aligned itself with the world’s current number one boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez – and management/ promotions firm Golden Boy Promotions. Our HOMBRE exclusive will take you behind the scenes of a trailblazing partnership between two quintessential champions.


With WBC Light Middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez currently ranked as the best boxer in the world (pound for pound, by BoxRec), and his bout with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. coming up, Hennessy will launch this new relationship on the eve of the title match, appropriately enough on Cinco de Mayo. Alvarez will face Chavez Jr. live on pay-per-view from the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Saturday May 6th.

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The relationship between Alvarez and Hennessy is a natural. As Hennessy USA Senior Vice President Giles Woodyer says, “Like Hennessy, the Alvarez family lives the mantra of ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ Canelo and Hennessy recognize the importance of community and family in building a successful and enduring legacy.” He continues, “Specifically, the eight-generation relationship between the Hennessy family and Fillioux family of Master Blenders is at the heart of Hennessy’s 251+ year legacy. We are literally built on family. Similarly, Canelo is the youngest of seven brothers — all of who are professional boxers and support one another in achieving their individual pursuits. Together, they push each other to their fullest potential.”

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HOMBRE was selected as the only media outlet to cover this exclusive story – and to share it with you first. We had the opportunity to witness firsthand Alvarez’s dedication and commitment to the art of boxing, and his absolute embracement of family, a family that extends beyond the ring and beyond bloodline to include his trainer, Jose “Chepo” Reynoso.

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On March 30th we arrived in San Diego, California to visit Alvarez’s training facilities, with camera crews present to capture every minute of his preparations. The day started with the speed bag, moving on to jump rope, followed by the heavy bag, and eventually climbing onto the ring for a few rounds with his sparring partner. Through it all Reynoso was there, observing, directing, making subtle adjustments. Alvarez was laser focused, ignoring cameras, visitors, and any other distractions. It’s evident that teacher and pupil have one single objective in mind: winning. The tight bond between champion and trainer is powerful.

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Following training day, the cameras followed Alvarez to his home, to witness life outside the ropes. We had a chance to see the champ in a variety of settings showing another side of his personality and what drives him and defines his Never stop. Never settle. journey. All of it was captured on film to preserve the trajectory of a winner, and how it parallels the undisputed champion in the world of spirits, Hennessy.

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In addition to being a personal achievement, Alvarez’s relationship with Hennessy also marks a groundbreaking moment for the Latin community. The brand sells all over the world, and the fact that such an international label selected a fighter of Mexican heritage to join in this partnership is a major triumph for Latinos. To Hennessy it goes further than language and ethnic heritage. As Woodyer says, “We hope that consumers across all demographics will enjoy Canelo’s personal story of pushing the limits of potential. He embodies the spirit, determination and relentless pursuit that inspires us and we hope that it will inspire others.”

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Stay tuned to HOMBRE for our one-on-one interview with Canelo Alvarez, and more exclusive photos and details of this breakthrough partnership.

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