Audi-liscious: The 2014 AUDI A6 2.0T Quattro Tiptronic Premium Plus!

09 Jan 2014 by Michael Andre Adams in Cars, Cars, Pleasure, Speed

From the pack leader who put daytime running lights on the map, Audi’s intelligent A6 is sitting quite pretty at the top of the list of all others in the midsize luxury sedan category, while making over 2,000 decisions per second—to the advantage of the driver.

Gone are the introductory days when the strand of pearls we’ve come to know as DRL’s sat brilliantly at the base of the headlights on every Audi. Now they swerve with swag.


Its sharp bodylines and blunt edges have created a head-turning take off the A8, causing onlookers in the lanes next over to inquire: “What model is that?”

Open the door and step inside and you’ll immediately take note of the beautiful, softly muted, fine grain natural Ash wood inlays on the wrap around dash, versus the over the top spit shine sheen more commonly found in this particular segment. Yeah, less definitely says more whether you’re in the hot seat or seeing the A6 from afar.

In addition to an all new A6 TDI (clean diesel) producing 428 lb-ft of torque from a 240 horsepower V6, 3.0 liter engine that we’ll tell you about next month, the base model gasoline version boasts two fuel efficient options–both being 2.0 liter inline four-cylinders.

The most basic of the base model comes with front wheel drive and a continuously variable transmission. The bad ass at the base level features an eight-speed automatic transmission and a totally dynamic measure of handling and traction thanks to Audi’s signature “quattro” all wheel drive. The shift and acceleration in the quattro version is so smooth that you’ll hardly notice you’ve reached your desired speed based on feel alone.

But a smile will be brought to your face as soon as your eyes gaze down at the speedometer and you realize that you not only hit, but also exceeded your speed goal. For this reason, you’ll definitely want to set the speed limit alert. As a matter of fact, Audi refers to the A6 as “a well trained sprinter,” which I could not agree with more.

Aside from all the fun to be had from the captain’s chair of either two base model’s options, we’re talking a difference of a combined fuel economy rating of 28 miles per gallon in the FWD version (25 city/33 highway) or 23 mpg (20 city/29 highway) in the adventure seekers favorite–the quattro.

And speaking of fuel economy—an area where Audi has grown by leaps and bounds, an overall lighter body thanks to aluminum body panels, helps to further accentuate the ride quality and handling–all of which is further heightened through the various driving modes, with “Dynamic” being the most likely favorite for the HOMBRE reader.

But even with a simple adjustment via the MMI and you’ll observe the subtlety of change in the suspension and steering to accommodate the handling at the behest of the driver.

Need more power? Of course you can go S6 or the A6 in the optional 3.0T and TDI trim levels. Each offers stop-start technology to further enhance fuel efficiency to make the drive even more fun while remaining fuel efficient.


Comfort and Convenience.
From the first global manufacturer to offer WiFi connectivity to its passengers, Audi keeps it simple with a clean center stack. The MMI from which to vacillate between various vehicle functions and options including navigation and entertainment—fits right into the palm of your hand. And if you must keep both hands on the steering wheel, the convenience of controls mounted therein, as well as a head-up display makes it all possible while maintaining full control.
The live view of Google Maps is also another cool technological advantage that keeps it real in the A6.
Heated seats are a new standard for the 2.0T base model, while Audi side assist (alerts for upcoming traffic on either side), pre sense rear (to prep the vehicle for rear collision by closing windows, roof and tightening the seat belt restraints) and a Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System are among the available options.
Meanwhile, with three climate zones and everything else, you and all passengers are sure to be kept comfortable.

At the base of $45,200 for the 2.0 quattro Tiptronic, with the additional $4,300 Premium Plus model add on plus the must have $1,500 Sport Package (19-inch, five spoke rims and sport suspension), it’s possible to take this baby home for about $50K.

But be forewarned, the A6 is definitely addictive!



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