Adventure Near or Far This Summer with The Art of Shaving

01 Jul 2017 by Phillip Novoa in Ego, Grooming, Grooming, Home, Pleasure, Products, Style

Adventure is a key component of summer. Whether you are embarking on a long journey, venturing the great outdoors, or simply soaking up the hot sun, it is important to prepare yourself for the journey ahead.

While packing your bags, don’t forget about The Art of Shaving, a brand that has been efficient in beauty and grooming for over 20 years. This Summer’s “Must Haves” are the Lemon Body Soap, the Green Lavender Cologne and the Eucalyptus SPF 15 Daily Facial Moisturizer. These specific products will not only give your appearance an extra boost, but they will revitalize your aroma while ensuring your skin’s protection when outdoors.




The Eucalyptus SPF 15 Daily Facial Moisturizer is just what you need for that summer sun. With an aroma that keeps you feeling energized and rejuvenated, this lightweight moisturizer will help defend your skin against those strong UV rays.



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