The summer is about to officially start, and that means summer love is in the air. According to a recent Facebook Study there are less break ups during the summer time. Take advantage of some summer dating. Whatever you decide on doing for that first date you cannot overlook a major key in first date 101.

The first date is the perfect opportunity to show her how you really are. And first impressions count. To help you find your magic and shine during your summer dating journey, AXE offers the following Summer Date Prep Kit:


Up you’re your game with AXE Adrenaline Dry Spray Antiperspirant:

–          With 48hr protection this Dry Spray will give you that long lasting freshness you need and no white marks or yellow stains on clothing


Use the calming aroma of AXE Black Body Wash:

–          Infused with bergamot and frozen pear notes this body wash will keep you clean and smelling great

axe Signature-clean-cut-look-USA

Show your sophisticated style with AXE Clean Cut Look Pomade:

–          This pomade will provide you with a clean cut look with all-day hold



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