With a cocktail menu inspired by the lively ‘French Quarter’ in New Orleans, QT Melbourne’s Pascale Bar & Grill created a few new buzzworthy drinks. Celebrating something special and in need of the perfect libations, the famous bar has some crowd pleasing drink recipes. Now is the perfect time to enhance your hand-crafted cocktails skills. With this in mind, we pulled together some noteworthy recipes to rival those of the world’s best bartenders.

Pascale Bar & Grill is a new fine dining Melbourne must-try, where Euro bistro influences pepper a broad and expansive menu designed to both satisfy and intrigue the well-developed palates of discerning foodies.

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An open kitchen offers glimpses into the artisan flair of our dish creation and an oversized glass case plays host to the Madame of all patisseries perched delicately within the kitchens creative space.

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The cocktails below will have heads spinning with Pascale Expresso Martini concocted with the Kahlua, Chestnut liqueur, Vanilla Demerara sugar, and fresh espresso. Offer up a sweet delight with the Spiced Pear made with Belle de Brillet Pear Cognac, Pierre Fierrand Dry Curacao, Ginger and Pink Peppercorn Syrup, Fresh Lemon, and Brown Sugar. Deliver the ultimate power drink with Brandy Alexander, 30ml St Agnes Brandy, 30ml Dark Crème de Cacao, 60ml Cream, pinch of nutmeg.


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Pascale Espresso Martini

30ml Martell VS,
15ml Kahlua
15ml Chestnut liqueur
15ml Vanilla Demerara sugar
30ml fresh espresso

Method: Fill the Coupette with ice to chill. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and hard shake with ice. Empty the ice out of the Coupette and pour the contents through a strainer. Garnish with 3 neatly placed coffee beans and grated nutmeg.

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Spiced Pear

45ml Belle de Brillet Pear Cognac, 5ml Pierre Fierrand Dry Curacao, 20ml Ginger and Pink Peppercorn Syrup, 30ml Fresh Lemon, Brown Sugar.

Method: Shake ingredients and strain into a brown sugar rimmed Coupe glass.

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Brandy Alexander

30ml St Agnes Brandy, 30ml Dark Crème de Cacao, 60ml Cream, pinch of nutmeg.

Method: Shake all ingredients and strain into a Coupe glass topped with a pinch of nutmeg.



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