UE ‘Day of the Dead’ BOOM 2 Speaker To Complete Your Holiday Decorations

26 Oct 2016 by Simon Mayorga in Celebrities, Decorating, Event, Fame, General, Home, Pleasure, Products, Technology, TOYS

This Halloween/ Day of the Dead make your celebrations extra special with a one-of-a-kind Dia de los Muertos Bluetooth Speaker from Ultimate Ears. The BOOM 2 delivers the ultimate sound, and this unique speaker will surely add the extra accent to your party. Designed by artist Ernesto Yerena Montejano, the limited edition features Yerena’s translations of Oaxacan sugar skulls, traditionally made as offers on Dia De Los Muertos, and pays homage to his roots to the Yaqui nation of Sonara, Mexico.

ue-boom-2-dayofthedead-for-hombre-magazine-2The UE BOOM 2 Bluetooth speaker is the preferred speaker for active users because it delivers crisp, clean sound; while eliminating any worries about the elements. It plays amazing 360-degree sound in every direction, while providing a 15-hour battery life, 100-foot wireless range and a waterproof, dust-proof and shockproof acoustic skin.


Born in El Centro, CA Yerena was fueled by his cross-national upbringing. His art practice reflects his observations of the views and interactions between the Mexican communities living on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border. The artist shares narratives of his conflicts of identity that he feels are kindred to what many Chicanos of these communities experience.  Although Yerena identifies as Chicano he also strongly identifies as Native/Indigenous to this continent which is often seen in his work.


Yerena’s work depicts his frustrations with the oppression in his community as well as creating work in solidarity with the community in the defense of dignity and rights. Through his brazen imagery, the artist brings political concerns to light with subject matter that depicts cultural icons, rebels and everyday people voicing their stance against oppression.  In 2008 he created the Hecho Con Ganas publishing project in which he produces politically and socially conscience images that are produced in limited edition silkscreen prints.  Highly recognized for his activism, Yerena is the founder and curator of the Alto Arizona Art campaign (2010) as well as a founding member of the We Are Human campaign (2009).


The “Yaqui Day Of The Dead,” special limited edition UE BOOM 2 is  only available at ultimateears.com




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