Guys, Being Single May Prevent Reaching Your Potential

01 Oct 2015 by Lina Jordan in Advice, Dating, Ella, General, Home, Pleasure, Sex

Did you know that married men tend to make more money and have more success at work than their single counterparts? Numerous studies show that men who are married are preferred by employers and are also more motivated to succeed. Single guys, take heart! Love expert and celebrity matchmaker Kailen Rosenberg—from Oprah’s  Lovetown, USA and currently featured on the new E! reality show, Stewarts & Hamiltons— has some advice to help  you become marriage material if you are ready to find lasting love.

Don’t let the best of life pass you by! Staying single to focus on your career, for example, may actually backfire, as employers prefer married men.

“In life, it is your own actions that either open you up to love or push it away,” Rosenberg says. In order to become marriage material—or invite a partner who is marriage material into your life—you first need to learn how to act from a place of love:

Act from Love with Truth: Don’t lie to yourself and don’t lie to others.

Act from Love with Forgiveness: Be quick to forgive those who have wronged you, including forgiving yourself for times you feel you let yourself down.

Act from Love with Selflessness: If you think of selflessness as giving up power, giving in or losing yourself, you are missing the boat! Love is not about these kinds of ego struggles; selflessness is the antithesis of ego. Act with love without expectation from another.

Act from Love with Respect: Treat people with respect, and don’t disrespect yourself or your own needs to please another person.

Rosenberg re-launched her new book, Real Love, Right Now: A 30-Day Blueprint for Finding Your Soul Mate, this summer and she is now seeking singles to add to her GLOBAL LOVE REGISTRY—a tool that enables pre-screened singles selected by her and her team of Love Architects to find each other and have a chance at true, lasting love.

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