Summer is finally here and while our mood is thrilled, warmer temps can wreak havoc on your hair. Whether it’s humidity, heat or salt water, your hair is exposed to a lot of elements in the summer months. AXE Hair Master Barber Pedro Rosario offers surefire tips to keep your hair looking & feeling fresh all season long:

Tips for Those Beach & Pool Days…

axe hair4Chlorine isn’t great for your hair. You’ll need to wash it shortly after getting out of the pool and add moisture with conditioner. I like AXE Deep Clean 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner for a great cleansing detox that will leave your hair feeling great and primed for styling.

If you’re spending time in the ocean, salt water is actually a natural styling product! Instead of washing it out post-beach, try leaving it in and let your hair air dry for a relaxed, beachy look.

Tips for Guys with Short Hair…

axe-pomade1Guys rocking the short hair just need a bit of shine to balance out the dryness of the sun. A little dab of AXE Clean Cut Pomade will do the trick. Rub your fingers through your hair like a rake & you’ll have that beach fresh look to go out after your daytime fun.

Fellas with the tight buzzed look have it the easiest, but it’s important to remember to add sunblock all over your head, ears and neck. You don’t want your head to get burned & then peel – the cheetah look looks good on no one.

And for Guys with Longer Hair…axe naturalLet’s add a bit of structure to the wild mane. Rub somAXE Natural Look Understated Cream in your palms and slide it back from the root to the tips covering the whole length. Let your hair fall how it normally would, as this cream will prevent the whole Einstein look.



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