After becoming one of the most popular television actors in Latin America, and making a name for himself in the U.S. market through ABC’s “Quantico,”Aarón Díaz will now be everywhere as the new face of Perry Ellis. He stars in the new Fall/Winter fashion campaign, and in television spots for the brand’s new fragrance. We sat down with Díaz to discuss all things fashion and his future plans.

Díaz was born in Puerto Vallarta, México to a Mexican dad and American mom. After a childhood in San Miguel de Allende, and high school in California he returned to Mexico to study acting in Televisa’s star making Centro de Educación Artística (CEA).

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He went on to starring roles in the worlwide soap operas “Clase 406,” “Corazones al Límite,” “Barrera de Amor,”“Teresa,”“El Talisman,” “Rosario,” “Santa Diabla,” and “Tierra de Reyes.”

Aside from acting, one of Díaz’s other passions is singing. He released his first solo album ‘Enamorate de mi’ in 2009, followed by the self titled “Aarón Díaz” which spawned the singles “Mi Religión,” and “Teresa” and “No Puedo Dejar de Amarte,” composed for the soap opera “Teresa.”

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More recently Díaz was seen in campaigns for Pepsi, Honey Bunches of Oats, Colgate and DirecTV. In 2016 he joined season 2 of ABC’s prime time Sunday series QUANTICO in the Role of Leon Velez.

Michael Maccari and Aaron Diaz celebrated the launch of the new Perry Ellis Fragrance in NYC

Michael Maccari and Aaron Diaz celebrated the launch of the new Perry Ellis Fragrance in NYC

Now he is joining Perry Ellis Creative Director, Michael Maccari to unveil the new Perry Ellis fragrance. The fall campaign starring Diaz was revealed during the intimate cocktail event in celebration of the brand’s ever constant emphasis on versatile dressing.

Aaron Diaz - Perry Ellis Fragrance for HOMBRE Magazine exclusively by Paul Tirado 11The Perry Ellis fragrance is refreshing with notes of Italian bergamot, crushed lavender and verbena, infused with a blend of iced juniper, geranium and Mediterranean rosemary, empowering men to feel confidently cool.

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The new collection rolls out over the fall season on and the fragrance, retailing for $65, is available on the brand’s website and partner retailers.

HOMBRE: Congratulations on representing Perry Ellis!
Aarón Díaz: Thanks. We carry this Latin flag, and for me it’s an honor. I feel proud every time I see a Latino representing an international brand, and this time it’s my turn. Speaking with people from the company they’ve told me that Perry Ellis is very popular with Latinos. It was for that reason that they decided to have a Latino be the face of the brand.

H: What does that say about the Hispanic Market?
AD: That speaks well of us. Perry Ellis is a brand that has been around a long time. What I noticed is that they are very fashion forward. The clothing is very technology advanced, the fabric stretches, is breathable, and water resistant. I don’t know too many men’s brands that are as advanced. I’m thankful.

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H: How was the process of shooting the campaign?
AD: I spent 3 days doing this campaign. It was 100 degrees outside, and I was wearing winter clothes, and it felt like being it was sportswear. The other thing is that with Perry Ellis you can dress with jeans, a polo, and sneakers, and then you can be a little more formal, even with a tux. They cover everything. It’s cool to wear a brand and have so many options.

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H: How do you come to the campaign?
AD: They contacted us directly. They were looking to reinforce their position in the Latin market. When someone suggested me, they began doing their research and they thought I was what they were looking for, and they approached me. As soon as I heard of the brand obviously I knew it. But when I saw what they were doing and I tried on the new collection then I knew I belonged here. It was a no-brainer.

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H: How satisfied are you with this campaign?
AD: I feel great. The brand is perfect for me. Its a versatile brand. You can layer it and you’re always dressed for any occasion.

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H: It’s very noticeable that you really like the brand.
AD: I only do campaigns with brands I believe in. It’s like doing an acting role, I’m not going to play a role I don’t like. I’m fortunate to be able to choose the things I want to do and in this case I chose this brand because it goes with me. I feel comfortable and I can speak all day about the brand because I speak from the heart. I don’t need a script to say things.

H: What’s next for you?
AD: In all my 15 years of career, after I finish a project I take my time to choose the next one, because acting for me is not saying words. If that was the case I’d do anything I was offered. I’m aware that myself, as well as the public needs a break. When you see an actor all the time you lose the magic, the enchantment. An actor needs to create a completely different person. The last thing I did here was “Quantico.” I have a lot of offers on the table and I’m deciding what will be my next project.

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H: What advice can you offer fans who admire your success?
AD: Before giving advice, I’d say thank you. I’m well aware that I can do what I do thanks to my fans. Since the first day. I’m an actor because of destiny. When I discovered acting and I saw how people reacted to me, that’s when I realized I could make a living at this. I began to prepare, always understanding that my fans are part of my family. So more than anything, thanks. The only advice I can give is to follow your dreams. Always. And always follow your instincts. Your instincts won’t lie, that is the best thing we have.

Aarón Díaz photographed exclusively for HOMBRE by Paul Tirado



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