PURE GREEN – A Solid Step Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

06 Jan 2017 by Lina Jordan in Ego, General, Health, Health, Home, Pleasure, Products

For those seeking a tasty, nutritious option that provides an extra jolt of energy Pure Green is the answer. Long-time wellness devotee Ross Franklin founded the brand in 2014. His vision to transform the mainstream population into a healthy lifestyle has driven him to create Pure Green, a New York City born cold pressed juice and handcrafted smoothie company. Franklin has taken his passion for health and biohacking, the art of optimizing human performance through nutrition, and personally formulated delicious creations from superfoods and high quality health ingredients.

Pure Green Founder & CEO Ross Franklin

Pure Green Founder & CEO Ross Franklin

Pure Green’s focus is to make it easy to live a healthy lifestyle. The philosophy is everyone should experience sustained energy throughout the day. Starting your day with a cold-pressed juice, drinking handcrafted smoothies and nutrient-rich snacks will restore your energy and recharge your life.

The cold pressed juice is nutrition just as nature intended. Fresh fruit and vegetables are cold pressed and never heated. The process preserves all the live enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the fresh fruit and vegetables which will flood your body with pure nourishment. The highest quality ingredients for made-to-order superfood smoothies (with unique flavors like Banana Nut and Almond Butter and Hemp Acai) provide your body with optimal nutrition and a satisfying taste. Their Pure Coaches are available to discuss the benefits of cleansing and customize a plan especially for you based on your goals and preferences.


For more information visit www.puregreen.com



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